Why Preventative Maintenance is Important in Maintaining the Health of your AC Unit

One of the most appealing reasons to live here in the valley of the sun is the year round warm temperatures. Or so they say. If you know anything about Arizona, you know that it’s almost always warm during the off seasons but sadly, it can get excruciatingly hot in the summer. Temperatures sometimes reach above 115 degrees! This means if you don’t have at least a pool, your only source of keeping cool during these extreme temperatures, is your air-conditioned home. If you have ever experienced your AC unit going out during the hottest time of the year, you know exactly why I can’t stress enough that regular maintenance is it’s so important. Now if you are one of the lucky few who have not yet experienced this, I envy you!

Temperatures climb rather quickly inside a home when the AC unit goes out. If you have ever noticed heat climbing in your home, it’s definitely time for a check rather than waiting for something major to happen. AC repairs can be costly so it’s always a good idea to have regular preventative maintenance on your unit at recommended intervals so your technician can catch any problems before they occur. Believe me there is nothing worse than trying to keep your family cool with a bowl of ice cubes sitting in front of a single circulating fan. Although very creative, this method is far from effective.

Keeping your home energy efficient is important in helping with maintaining your AC unit. Simple things like not using your oven during peak hours or making sure your window coverings are efficient in keeping heat out or simply closing gaps in the windows or doors to prevent heat from coming in while your unit is working helps prevent it from working harder. These are simple DYI projects but have a major effect on your electric bill as well.

Maintaining your unit with preventive maintenance checks, keeping your home energy efficient along with changing out your air filter at recommended times is vital in keeping the life of your AC unit. When it comes down to it, turning to a HVAC company you can trust, will surely reduce the chances of sitting through a hot Arizona summer with nothing but a bowl of ice cubes and a single circulating fan to keep you and your family cool. To learn more about affordable preventative maintenance programs, call Gotham Air LLC at (602) 820-5102.