Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Keeping your heater working properly is critical to minimizing nights in your home that are too cold. If your heater is blowing cold air, that is a sign that you may need repairs to it. A furnace blowing cold air is still getting power to it, but it may have one or several problems causing it to not function properly.

Why Is It Not Blowing Hot Air?

A furnace not blowing hot air may be doing so for numerous reasons. For example, it may be doing this because the air filter is dirty. That is because the air cannot pass through the filter properly to allow it to be heated. If you have central heat blowing cold air, that could lead to additional problems, including the system overheating. That may lead to the furnace burners shutting off and the breaker tripping.

What to Do About It

If your electric furnace is blowing cold air, call a technician to come to you to provide an inspection. If the heat is on, but blowing cold air, that could worsen into a significant problem. The good news is we can help you. Do not try to make repairs yourself, though you can change the air filter on your own.

Let Our Team Provide Help

If you have an electric or gas furnace blowing cold air, or it is not working properly at all, it is critical to seek out help. Call Gotham Air today to learn more about the options for repairs.