Why Does My Ac Unit Need An Air Filter

To operate properly, an air conditioner depends on a filter. An air filter for AC systems works as a tool to catch all of the debris, dust, dander, and other particles in the air, keeping them from entering into the working components of the air conditioner. When it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, an air filter is the most important step to do on a consistent basis.

Why It Matters

What does an air filter do that is so important? In short, running an AC without a filter creates an opportunity for dust and debris to enter into the motor and other components of the system. As that happens, those particles build up and slow down the flow of air through the system. Over time, that can cause the system to break down and stop working. In the meantime, it will likely cause the air conditioner to become less and less efficient until it is difficult to operate it safely.

What You Need to Do

An air conditioner with an air filter is common. The manufacturer will provide documentation about how to install air conditioner filters on the system, including how to access them, when to change them, and how to maintain the system overall.

Let Us Help You

Let our team at Gotham Air help you to maintain your air conditioner, including changing out your air filter as needed. We can also teach you how to change your filter properly to reduce risks.