Signs Your Ac Has Been Damaged In A Storm

All aspects of your home need to be checked after a storm to ensure they are working their best and do not have any damage to them. Most of the time, the interior components of an AC system will not suffer damage unless the home is hit by lightning. Still, it is important to know the signs of a lightning strike to an AC unit and other potential signs of a storm causing damage to the system.

Signs of a Storm

If you see storm signs, contact a licensed professional right away. Do not try to make repairs yourself.

You may notice actual damage to the exterior condensers, such as damage to the housing. In addition to this, you may notice burned or dark areas around the electrical components. The system may look normal, but it may not turn on. That is also a sign that you need to have a professional take a closer look.

How to Keep Your AC System Safe

Should you turn off an air conditioner during a storm? Typically, it is not necessary to do this. The rain itself will not damage the AC system in any way, including the outdoor unit. If you have a significant thunderstorm coming through the area with the potential for lightning, it is worth turning off the AC at this point to reduce some risk.

What to Do When There Is a Problem

If your AC is not working after a storm, turn off the breaker to it. Then, call Gotham Air for an appointment.