Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

With routine maintenance and upkeep, an air conditioning system works reliably. It helps to keep your home cool and comfortable without adding too much to your energy costs. There are problems that can occur, though.

Not Blowing Cold Air

If the AC is not blowing cold air, that may be a sign that the refrigerant in the system is low. When the air conditioner is not cooling, it may still run, and you may feel it blowing air. Yet, it may not be cooling down the home enough. Topping up the refrigerant may be necessary.

AC Not Working

There are some situations where the AC is not working, and you may not be sure why. Air conditioner troubleshooting can help to determine the underlying cause. This may be a problem with the power, a motor burnt out, the condenser having damage, or one of many other concerns. If you need home air conditioner repair, do not put it off as it can worsen over time.

How to Get Help

If you need an AC mechanic near me, reach out to our team at Gotham Air. We are happy to come to you to provide a full inspection and determine what is wrong. We also provide air conditioner maintenance to help you avoid problems with your system through routine inspections and upkeep.

To get help, call Gotham Air today with any home air conditioner repair needs. We are happy to set up a time to get you operating properly again.